Sunday, May 29, 2005

Ten Things I've Never Done, But Intend on Doing Before I Die

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Lu passed this meme onto me earlier in the week so it's only appropriate that I crank this out while she's in the shower. She's getting all gusseyed up for our meeting/dinner with Genuine and Mrs. G later this afternoon. Hey, we're having a mini-meetup of bloggers, I guess priming the pump for the soiree later this summer that will culminate with GraceD's naked beach orgy.

Actually, Jim and I have talked a little about hosting a blogger confab out here in Colorado. Still no set date or even any serious plans but mid-September would make for some nice camping. Even better, winter time would give us all an excuse to ski or hang out next to a roaring fire. Contact me or G about your ideas regarding a Colorado blogger conference - what would you like to do?

Anyway, I'm sure the four of us will discuss this at some length over a few drinks (and Michelle's non-alcoholic pregnant lady libation). Lu should be taking her digital camera to capture some images of all of us.

Onto the meme:

Ten Things I've Never Done, But Intend on Doing Before I Die

  1. Climb all 54 of Colorado's 14,000 ft. peaks. Although I don't usually follow the crowd, climbing all 54 of the 14,000+ foot peaks is a badge of honor here in Colorado and one I would proudly wear. Only 51 to go!

  2. Attend a performance of all 20+ hours of Wagner's "Ring Cycle" at the Bayreuth Festival. I think they only do the entire "Ring" (four operas) once every seven years or something. I've only attended performances of the various operas that make up the Ring Cycle (and never been to a performance of Twilight of the Gods) but if I'm going to watch the entire cycle, I want to do it where it was meant to be performed.

  3. Spend a month on a private island. I know it's expensive and the indulgence of people who have far too much money but I'd love to be able to walk and swim where I know I'm absolutely alone.

  4. Get something published, in print. Preferably a novel (how unique: a blogger with pretense of being a novelist!). I'd be satisfied with a poem (in a respected journal, not one of those pay-to-publish rip-offs) or a short story but a novel is my Holy Grail.

  5. Open my own counseling agency. Hang out my shingle. Be my own boss.

  6. Spend an autumn in France's Wine Country. Rent a little chalet, gorge myself on the provincial cuisine and drink myself stupid with the local product.

  7. Telling my children, with utmost sincerity, that I'm proud of the adults they've become. I think I could accept them becoming anything short of crackheads or Republicans, just as long as they are happy and balanced. As Don Juan Matus tells Carlos Castaneda in The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge, "The path with heart is the only one that matters."

  8. Buy a 1967 Corvette Stingray. Yeah, I know, a total Red State guy kind of dream but I remember the first year the Stingray was built and it's an awesome piece of engineering. A red one, convertible.

  9. Build my own house. My grandfather and my dad built a home on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay, a gorgeous cedar cabin with prehistoric shark's teeth inlaid in the masonry and an east wall that was almost all windows, overlooking the bay. I loved that place (and it broke my heart when my parents sold it) and it created a life-long desire in me to build my own home. My dream is to build an Earthship, an eco-friendly and self-sustaining structure somewhere in the mountains of Colorado.

  10. This weekend has opened my mind (and heart) to what my final entry is... ;)

I'm not going to pass this meme along but if you want to participate, please leave a comment so I can go check yours out...

Next entry: "An Evening with the Genuines!"


panthergirl said...

Holy Valkyries, Batman!! I have actually listened to the ENTIRE Ring Cycle, played live on the Metropolitan Opera Broadcast many years ago.

The Colorado bloggers convention sounds great, but you let me know how that camping thing goes, ok?

(My niece lives between Boulder and that near you?)

Have a great time with the Genuines... can't wait to see the pics!

vicki said...

-I would come to Colorado if invited- and I'm not usually a group convention sort of person, but with this crowd, it would be a blast.
-I thought Genuine was busy having near death experiences this weekend. How cool is that that you guys all get to meet up?
-I'll have to read Grace's more thoroughly; I didn't think I would miss something like a naked beach orgy.
-1, 2, 8, 9- no!
- 3, 4, 6- yes!
- 5, 7, and esp. 10- been there, all excellent.

Have a great time together! Best, V

The Zero Boss said...

Wait...Lu was in the shower? Naked? And you were on the computer??

Dude, your priorities are so fucked up.

And count us in for Colorado. Name the date!

seeingdouble said...

I'm with Jay... you need to get your head on straight man!! Oh, and I'm interested in attending the Colorado blogger thing (can't say count me in yet, for that would totally ruin any chance of us being able to go)

Cinnabar1 said...

Host an Earthship build, Jim -- I'll be there w/ my gloves on :')

Taamar said...

Colorado blog gathering? Woot!

In exchange for an invitation (I'm a regular reader of Jay's I've visited here a few times; I'm just a pathetic LiveJournal blogger) I can pick up visitors flying into Denver and help them settle into our lovely thin air before they head up to the mountains.

pale ale said...

my uncle had a '67 stingray corvette...midnight blue...tan interior...not a convertable, the type with the split window. Dude, Im sorry, but it just screams tiny winkie!

z. said...

So, did you get my CD yet?