Thursday, December 16, 2004

Moanin' *

It's my parent's anniversary and I will guarantee I'm the only one of their kids who remembered; one of my brothers is a self-consumed yuppie and the other is pretty much a retard. I'll call the yuppie and remind him but the retard is on his own. The retard and I don't talk, the reason for which I'll post this weekend in a very looooooong post, one of those posts which won't get any comments or... OK, I admit I feel like I'm a blog-babe (my nude calendar available on request) amidst the many who actually know what they're doing.

Actually, I've had a blog since 2002 on a site for a friend's band but it was never anything like this is turning into. In fact, until the past couple of weeks, this blog was a sweet after-thought to my political blog, and I expect today that my hit-counter here will overtake the political blog's counter. Which is amazing. I was getting maybe 10 hits a day here and I still get about 50 hits a day over at the political blog (I've only had StatCounter up since the middle of November).

Then Pippa and Candy checked me out, said some REALLY nice things about me on their blogs, and I got a tremendous boost; when Heather nominated me for BoB and Jenny seconded, traffic really took off. When Jay The Zero Boss gave me link love, this thing EXPLODED. In the past couple of days I think I've had more hits per day than the Boondoggle blog ever got in a month. It's humbling and exciting (if I failed to give anyone their props, forgive me and please, please spank me!).

Best of all is discovering this parent blog community. As web-savvy as I considered myself, I was completely unaware this groovy corner of the net existed. It's been exhilarating to read others who think like me, deal with what I'm dealing with, have fun with it; the coolest thing is seeing all these people who have put aside material considerations for the love of our children. Of all the blogs I've read, it doesn't appear any of us are giving the Jones' a run for their money.

Blogging about blogging - bleh. I hate meta-blogging.

The kids have finished their oatmeal. I'm putting different colors of cardboard under the kid table during the oatmeal sessions and hope you all will attend my MOMA opening when I display those. I'm making sure my agent provides a nice sparkling chardonnay and lots of Denver-brewed beer.

So... Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad, thank you ALL OF YOU for making this blog much more fun (I'm beginning to half-ass the political blog) and introducing me to a web community which I'm sure, I've just scratched the surface on. It will be a pleasure getting to know each and every one of you.

* "Moanin" is something I got from one of those awful Burt Reynolds cop movies from the 70's that I loved as a kid. It might have been "White Lightnin'" but I'm not 100% positive. If there's a Burt Reynolds Box Set, it's not on my list.

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